How we empower schools to provide the wraparound care needed

How we do it

brand marks Are you a school struggling to find time or funding for wraparound care?

For many schools, time and money are in equally short supply. This means that things can fall through the cracks, and wraparound care is no exception to that rule. Wraparound care requires regulatory attention and when high quality, it brings additional income for schools by increasing school numbers. FDC Training and Consultancy helps you achieve that goal.

Families not receiving the required level of wraparound care may go elsewhere or be dissatisfied with their child’s experience as a whole. Quality, as well as first implementation, can be a serious concern. Your accountability as a leader or head of education means empowering your school and supporting families by providing the best services within the school day and outside of it.

How FDC Training & Consultancy empowers head teachers and club leaders

With more than 30 years of combined experience in primary education, FDC Training & Consultancy has the insight and understanding of the education sector down to a fine art. Our block-based plan provides an effective way to build up a tower of success for wraparound care.

We focus equally on the must-have gaps in your current wraparound care provision to understand the safeguarding and compliance obligations you need to meet. Once those blocks have been laid, we then move on to what you should have and could have, to provide families with the means to thrive.

By starting with solid, vital foundations and building up to thriving children and long-term success, we help you build your wraparound care services block by block for a robust and sturdy outcome.