Empowering schools to provide quality wraparound childcare

Because children deserve the best during and out of the school day

Children in classroom

Provide families with wraparound care that creates raving fans of the school

Wraparound childcare should align perfectly with your educational vision, organisational values and leadership goals. Our tower-based plan offers the ideal medium to improve upon your existing wrap-around care services effectively, providing families with the support they need, ensuring accountability, and leaving you to focus on the school day.

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Build your plan for wraparound care block by block

FDC Training helps head teachers and schools deliver on their promise to provide children and families with the best wraparound care. Through a custom designed building-block tower model, we support education leaders to overcome obstacles and meet family needs, OFSTED expectations and educational goals to form a thriving and happy community.

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Thought leadership

Find out more about the science behind better childcare. Self sought research with measured success, psychological analyses of best development practices and anything else worth knowing in this field can be found in our blog. We strive to share some of the most interesting results that will help shape how you view the term “childcare”.

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Promote Tax Free Childcare Vouchers

Promote Tax Free Childcare Vouchers

Posted on 11 Apr 24