Build the basics of wraparound care block by block

What we do

brand marks Our tower-based approach

Over our years of experience in wraparound care services, we’ve condensed all we know down into a quick, easy diagnostic process that provides clear instruction on how to improve upon your services. While many plans and strategies have steps to follow, we know that even the most solid tower can collapse without the proper foundations.

Using the block-by-block concept combined with a traffic light system, we help educators and leaders get started on the right path for wraparound care, assisting families to thrive and providing the additional insight needed for accountability and long-term success.

Top of tower

3. Top of tower

The finishing touches, including wrap-around care that matches and supports the school vision, help to improve your rating amongst parents and to provide high-quality, fun activities that benefit children and exemplify good behaviours.

Top of tower

2. Building blocks

The centre part of your tower makes wrap-around care more accessible and more effective, including access to environment, activities and suitable staffing. Online bookings, payment and administration are all should-haves for any wrap-around care programme.

Top of tower

1. Foundations

Strong, solid foundations are a must in order to keep your tower in the best shape. Our must-haves help ensure that your wrap-around care services are safe, meet regulatory requirements, and abide by all the necessary OFSTED regulations and definitions.