The history behind FDC Training & Consultancy

Our story

Mark West

The story of our origins

Long before FDC Training & Consultancy was even an idea, Mark West was an Assistant Headteacher with a passion for getting children active, involved and interested in the world around them. With the goal of separating students from screens to explore the world around them, the FUNdays Club was formed – providing a fun space where childcare was more than just digital babysitting, with a focus on exploration, discovery and fun learning outside of the classroom.

brand marks From FUNdays Club to FDC Training & Consultancy

After the initial success of FUNdays Club, the scheme grew from one single primary school to multiple places of education across the area. Our unique approach to childcare and additional education provided children with a way to enrich their skills and keep home learning separate from quality time spent with parents at home.

With ever-changing care requirements in education, FDC Training was the natural next step, applying the principles and passion for FUNdays Club into a new format designed specifically to support wraparound care requirements. With many schools and head teachers not having the means or resources to truly make the most of wraparound care, FDC Training became the ideal option to empower and enhance childcare in meaningful ways.

Social Enterprise Accreditation

We are accredited as a genuine social enterprise – the Social Enterprise Mark is an independent guarantee that we put the interests of people & planet above shareholder gain. We have been externally assessed against sector-agreed criteria and have proved our commitment to using profits and income to create benefits for society and the environment.

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FDC Training & Consultancy today

With more than 60 primary schools supported through our partnerships and many more on the horizon, FDC Training and Consultancy has grown rapidly to meet demand. Over time, Mark took on new team members and created a whole new brand, explicitly designed to support club leaders and head teachers in providing families with the best wraparound care possible.

Today, FDC Training and Consultancy is an industry staple in educational circles. We continue to grow, develop and evolve our approach to ensure every school has the capability and knowledge to provide students with the best care. We’re the experts at what we do and, thanks to more than 30 years of combined educational experience, we’re able to impart our input and understanding to support school and club leaders every day.